Summer, summer, why can’t you stay?

It’s summertime, which means I finally have time to cook those not-so-very elaborate vegetarian meals I’ve been pinning to my new Pinterest board.  Anything that involves chopping up more than one ingredient I usually deem Too Much Effort during the school year, but now I have endless time and energy to mince garlic and chop zucchini.  I’ve discovered food is the one item I will continuously pay a solid amount of money for, whereas everything else– clothing, books (except indie presses), entertainment– I get secondhand or not at all.  At first it seemed really dumb– after all, I am just pooping this stuff right out– but when I thought about it, food is correlated much more closely with mood and health, and cheap food tends to be unhealthy food, like a Taco Bell beefy 5-layer burrito.

Once I’m firmly ensconced in summer, I always wish I had this amount of free time all the time, so I could make these tasty, healthy, elaborate meals every week and have so much time to write.  But today I met with two colleagues to discuss a new final exam over lunch, and I realized, weird as this sounds, that I would miss the academic puzzles and community atmosphere of teaching.  And I would probably get sick to death of cooking so damn much anyway.  So it’s probably for the best that the summer remain the summer.

It is difficult, even so early on in the summer, to force myself to any kind of writing routine instead of slouching permanently into the couch cushion to watch old episodes of Community.  The program Freedom has helped me focus for more than a page at a time (as well as highlight my obvious internet addiction).  But as Roxanne Gay said, writing is synonymous with internet fuckery, so there’s that.  Plus, it’s still early enough in the summer that the never-ending onslaught of screaming children and daily loitering of the ice cream truck makes me wistful and not homicidal.

On a completely unrelated note, a book I highly recommend is Myfanwy Collins’ Echolocation.  Speaking of which, time to stop the internet fuckery and get back to reading.