A month of thanks

I’ve seen people doing a month of thankfulness before on Facebook (which I guess says how old I am… I haven’t figured out the whole Tumblr thing, and by the time I do, there will be a new thing).  It always looked appealing, but by the time I thought about it, November was halfway over.  I have to remind myself between the non-stop classes and grading and meetings to just look up at the damn changing leaves this time of year.  Anyway, my super flippin’ awesome department hosted a reading for me at the local coffeehouse on November 1st, which reminded me how grateful I am.  So it’s been a week and I’ve been writing about a new thing I’m thankful for each day, some of them big (like the people in my life) and some of them small (like coffee).

The first thing I had to get over was writing about my feelings.  Like, at all.  I much prefer the status update equivalent of a bro fist bump.  And then I wondered how long it would take to run out of things.  But so far, it seems life is pretty good, so I think I’ve got another couple weeks of statuses.  I also thought it would be tedious for people to see on their news feed, like someone taking photos of their dinner Every. Single. Night. but that hasn’t been the case either.  Someone actually stopped me in the hallway at work to tell me how much they enjoyed seeing the updates.  (And, of course, Facebook has implemented the immensely helpful ‘unfollow’ feature for anyone saying ‘Oh My God, Mel Reddish, enough with the thanks’ but who doesn’t want to take the seemingly aggressive step of unfriending me.)

The other day, after watching some TV and stopping by a few stores and then scrolling through Facebook, I realized the cacophony that now surrounds the holidays.  It’s more than just commercialization, thought that’s part of it.  It’s just a wall of noise that builds to a hyper-anxious crescendo leading up to Christmas.  So maybe small things, like a moment of thankfulness on social media, can help winnow down the holiday experience to a more reasonable, palatable one.  The feeling we want to have rather than the feelings that are foisted upon us.

Regardless, it’s been a good experience so far, and, fingers crossed that my short-term memory holds, one I will keep doing.