I’m an Instructor of English and Honors Program Director at Wor-Wic Community College, where I also co-advise the Arts Club, co-faculty edit Echoes and Visions (our student literary publication) and co-run the Echoes & Visions reading series.  (Doing things by yourself is for suckers.)  In 2008 & 2011, I received a Soaring Gardens artist residency.  Highlights included the gorgeous house, the baby goats, and the neighbors’ dogs who would run into our arms for petting.  Downsides included the jumping spiders and the fracking nearby.  In 2012, “Barley” was nominated for a Pushcart prize, so I can now buy this shirt.  In 2013, “My Heart is a Cylon Detector” was nominated for Best of the Net.  To my knowledge, there is no shirt for that.  When not teaching or writing, I do stereotypical Eastern Shore things like eat seafood smothered in Old Bay and play fetch with my Black Lab.  Her name is Blue.  She’s a good dog.