Short Work

Prose (Print)

“Grade A” in Columbia College Literary Review

“Lost” in Paper Nautilus (Issue 2)

“Barley” in The Speculative Edge (Issue 4)

“Protest” in 34th Parallel (Issue 20)

“Roadkill” in Prick of the Spindle (Issue 2)

“Girl Band” in Petrichor Machine (Issue 2)

“What the Hell Do I Do With Your Cat” in Thunderclap Magazine (Issue 8)

“Return” in Bellow Literary Journal (Issue 1)

“Reunion” in The Cartographer (Issue 1)

Prose (Online)

“All the Things We Have in Common” in The Ilanot Review

“Gone” in Toasted Cheese

“The Woman in the Pond” in Sweatpants and Coffee

“A Haunting” in Northwind

“Lost” in The Quotable

“Blot” in Crossed Out Magazine

“Sudden, Empty Space” in Slushpile Magazine

“The Wedding” in Foundling Review

“The Space That Followed” in Foundling Review

“Last Days of Summer” in Printer’s Devil Review

“In the Coffee Shop” in Quick Lucks

“My Father is an Angry Storm Cloud” in decomP

“Beached” in Quick Lucks

“Baby Blues,” in Flywheel Magazine


“Queen of Wands” in Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology (Minor Arcana Press)

“31” in Petrichor Machine

“Heavyweight” in Antiphon

“Sex Dream” in Drunk Monkeys

“Song for Aquaman” in Unshod Quills

“My Heart is a Cylon Detector” in District Lit


Kinda Sorta American Dream by Steve Karas in Small Press Book Review

Get a Grip by Kathy Flann in Small Press Book Review

The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found by J. Rosello in Small Press Book Review

Lot Boy by Greg Shemkovitz in Small Press Book Review

All Glitter, Everything by Laura Relyea in Small Press Book Review

Daydreamers by Jonathan Harper in Small Press Book Review

How to Catch a Coyote by Christy Crutchfield in Word Riot

Animal Collection by Colin Winnette in Word Riot

Tongue Party by Sarah Rose Etter, Cut Through the Bone by Ethel Rohan, and The Weather Stations by Ryan Call– formerly in Emprise Review, now blog posts


“The Stories We Tell,” an Introduction to Harold Wilson’s novella, A Taste of Salt

“The Professor and the Fashion Police” in Crunchable

“The Tipping Point” in The Quotable

“Here, I Write” with Heather Blain, in Crunchable

“The Key to Success is Being a Self-Involved Douchebag,” in Crunchable

“It’s All Relative,” in Crunchable

“Jay Leno: The Worn Paisley Comforter of Television,” in Crunchable